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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the first generation of enterprise systems whose goal was to integrate data across and be comprehensive in supporting all the major functions of the organization. ERP are basically integrated information systems that support such enterprise function as accounting, financial, marketing, and production requirements of organizations. This allows for real-time data flows between the functional applications.ERP integrate both the various functional aspects of the organization as well as the systems within the organization with those of its partners and suppliers. Furthermore ERP systems are web enabled making them accessible to all of the organization’s employees, clients, partners, and vendors from anytime and anyplace. ERP training is going to offers several levels of services to help in developing your employees into strong assets.

  • General Ledger(Technically and functionally)
  • Account Payable(Technically and functionally)
  • Account Receivable(Technically and functionally)
  • Purchasing(Technically and functionally)
  • Inventory(Partial)
  • Order Management(Partial)
  • AOL(Technically and functionally)
  • Alerts(partial)

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