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Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the programming code which is used for generating the web pages. Anyone involved in web site development or maintenance then knowledge of HTML language is necessary. In today world everyone should know the HTML language because everything is digitalized and web based. Knowledge of language is going to help them to understand the prospect of life.

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Introduction to XHTML
  • Introduction to XML
Structuring a website
  • The client/server relationship
  • Understanding directories and how a site is organised
  • Installing and running a simple Server
  • Cross platform file names
  • Cross platform directory names
The minimal HTML document
  • XHTML and HTML syntax
  • Creating body text
  • Creating titles
  • Creating headings
Adding meta data
  • Creating content tags
  • Creating keyword tags
Adding structure to the content
  • Creating headings and sub headings
  • Creating paragraphs
  • Working with special characters
  • Creating line breaks
  • Creating horizontal rules
Working with images
  • Adding image links
  • The GIF, JPEG and PNG formats
  • Compression issues
  • Alternative text, titles and descriptions for images
Creating and working with lists
  • Numbered (ordered) lists
  • Unnumbered (unordered) lists
  • Definition lists
Linking to other documents
  • Relative links vs Absolute links
  • Working with URLs
  • Anchors within documents
Tables in XHTML
  • Creating a table
  • Creating rows
  • Creating columns
  • Creating table headings
  • Adding a table caption and summary
  • Merging cells
  • Nesting tables
Forms in XHTML
  • Creating a basic input form
  • Adding form fields, radio buttons and check boxes
  • Using the legend, label and fieldset tags
  • Adding submit and reset buttons
  • Using form methods
  • Combining forms and actions
Working with colors
  • Hexadecimal and RGB?color
  • Web safe colors


Introduction to CSS
  • Separating content from presentation
  • The difference between CSS and mark up
  • What can CSS do?
  • CSS structure (syntax)
  • Inserting styles - inline, embedded or external
  • The cascade order
Styling text
  • Styling basic text elements
  • Specifying font size and color
  • Specifying font alignment
Styling a table
  • Styling row and column settings
  • Creating borders
  • Adding colors
Styling links
  • Creating hover effects
  • Keeping track of links
Publishing issues
  • Uploading your site
  • Proofing and testing your site
  • Troubleshooting
  • Web authoring tools
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