Adobe Photoshop is an eminent software that is widely used to create and edit graphics. With digital advancements going around us, this tool has become a must to learn not only for designers but for each of us working in corporate ecosystems. Module of this course will introduce you with the basics of photoshop and specific tools which will help you in making edits in a graphic. It will help you in implementing various effects in your graphics and provide tools in making professional projects. You will also get to learn professional design fundamentals and also exposes with certain tips and tricks of photoshop. This course encompasses vital photoshop techniques that will boost the career of beginners and intermediates. We provide practical trainings and regular assignments that makes learning easy and interesting.

  • This course will provide you with:
  • Complete knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
  • Important tricks for professionals
  • Lectures based on tasks and regular classes to clear your doubts.
  • Thorough discussion for easy assimilation of knowledge
  • Detailed lectures for latest techniques and updates.

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