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Articulate storyline provides users with the knowledge and hands on practice they need to develop and build advanced interactions, extend the functionality of storyline. Uses Microsoft Power Point as the main development environment and overlays audio, flash media and interaction over the top. Articulate storyline training will enhance the capability and presenting skills of users.

Articulate Storyline outline is given below with suggested day plan, the same can be customized as per the customer feedback. The session would be interactive with a lot of hands on activity. PREWORK: A prework assignment in articulate storyline would be provided to the participant, to be done as a background exercise. Participants are expected to submit the assignment within a prescribed period. Basis the assessment of the submitted assignment, the actual classroom session would be fine tuned. Gap between prework and actual classroom would be kept around 2 weeks.


Introduction to Articulate Storyline

  • What is Articulate Storyline
  • What are the interesting features of Storyline
  • Articulate Storyline Workflow
  • Importing legacy articulate, PPT

First Course

  • Starting with a fresh slide
  • Adding a few characters
  • Adding Interaction
  • Drag and Drop to increase engagement
  • Deeper look into storyline interface

Editing and Adding Content

  • Views • Concept of Layers
  • Adding Triggers
  • Timeline
  • Adding States / Notes
  • Adding multimedia
  • Adding interactive object

Working with Object States

  • Characters in depth
  • Expression
  • Pose
  • Perspective
  • Editing State
  • Animation and Slide

Building Quizzes in Storyline

  • Quizmaker vs Quizzes in Storyline
  • Adding a MCQ
  • Feedback box, Drag Drop
  • Question Banks
  • Pre-test, post test, knowledge checks
  • Starting with a fresh slide

Screen Recording and Branching

  • Storyline recording workflow
  • Screen recording options, shortcuts
  • Screen size customization
  • Exporting screen recording
  • Editing interactive simulation
  • Slide branching
  • Linking from slide to slide, scene

Other Topics

  • Publishing in storyline
  • Output to web, HTML5, LMS, Word, CD/DVD, Articulate Online
  • Advanced concepts - Project Variables / Building Logic and Intelligence
  • Importing Legacy Content
  • Modifying storyline player
  • Using cue-points on storyline
  • Interesting , Tips and Tricks
  • Wrap up
Module 8: Application Training – Recording Simulations
  • How to Record
  • Click Boxes
  • Guided Simulations
  • Training Simulations
Module 9: Scenarios and Branching
  • Example Scenarios
  • Using the Branching Tab
  • Slide Groups
  • Click Boxes
  • Modifying Branching
  • Linking to External Sites
Module 10: Audio in Captivate
  • Sound Editing
  • Exporting Audio from Captivate
  • Importing Audio
  • Sound on an Object vs. The Timeline
Module 11: Building Quizzes
  • Questions and Question Pools
  • Question Types
  • Using a Quiz Template
  • Building a Question Pool
  • Tracking Buttons and Click Boxes
  • Quiz Manager
  • Tracking Overview
Module 12: Publishing
  • Web Publishing
  • Executable Files
  • Print Output
  • Best Practices
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