Mobile Marketing & Its Advantages

With approx 3 billion smartphone users across the globe, if one cannot comprehend the utmost credibility of mobile marketing than this is the potential loss of their marketing paradigm. Marketers are in quest of reaching every other individual to promote the product & services. Earlier, email marketing was the face of the conventional market and marketers regarded it as the only sole medium to reach the audience. But, with the upsurge of smartphones which provides ample connectivity has completely transformed the market model.

Predominantly, mobile marketing is a multi-channel digital marketing element which aims to reach the target audience via their mobile phones, tablet with much ease. Mobile phones have significantly disrupted the audience engagements with the brands leading to accelerated lead generation. Adding more to it, mobile marketing provides an abundance of options to the audience and also notify them about the best deals & services. Basically, a massive chunk of the population spends most of their time surfing & browsing which is clearly the best deal for the audience as well as for mobile marketers.

By focussing on the advantages of mobile marketing, marketers can engage with the audiences at the deepest level resulting in the maximum outcome -

1. Omnipresence - The first encounter of the day is with mobile phones. On average, users look at least 80 times on their screen, moreover, mobile phones are just a single arm away which results in maximum numbers of mail & messages received by them. Hyper-targeting messaging allows for greater personalizations. From this, marketers can have direct interaction with their potential customers with instant feedback. The feedback response loop help in maintaining the marketers standard of their services.

2. Cognate Technology - With the cost-efficient internet across the country, users are generally spending a lot of time in microblogging like twitter, tumbler, etc. It is absolutely beneficial for mobile marketers as the microblogging platform does not create friction. Mobile payment by far has made the life less tedious as it provides a simple process of mobile purchase or bill online, thus potentially increasing the time spent over a smartphone.

3. Location Awareness - Location provides both proximity data & contextual information and these altogether works efficiently with LBS devices. Undoubtedly it is an apt way to converse with the customers. It is quite arduous to address both proximity & environmental context from the marketers perspective.

4. Basic Content Creation - Because the screen size of the mobile is small, it limits the scope of the content displayed over it. Creating content for mobile devices, the tablet is far less expensive than the content created for desktop and laptops because of the size & complexity. It is a benefit for the content creator to create basic and fundamental content which does not demand heavy vocabulary and where users are coherent with it.

5. Message Escalation - Companies get huge exposure with this trend of sharing valuable offers among family & group resulting in benefits of the massive mobile market. Geo-location provides the apt location which further helps mobile marketers and entrepreneurs in sending location-specific bulk messages using GPS & Bluetooth technology.

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