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Captivate6 software is used for maintaining interactive eLearning content. We can import any power point content and enrich it with animation, videos, graphics, and voiceover. Traininglobe provide Captivate6 training in which we learn higher end functionality while improving presentation skills by using the project template, design templates, advanced action and scripts. You will improve your users experience by learning this and it seem like each eLearning lesson you present has been customized and effectively made that talk directly to your customer.

Course Contents

Module 1: The Captivate Creation Process
  • Input and Outputs
  • eLearning Creation Workflow
  • The Relationship Between Captivate and Adobe Flash
  • eLearning Style Guidelines
  • Technical Considerations
  • Using Captivate Templates
Module 2: Navigating the Captivate 6 Interface
  • The Captivate File Format (.CPTX)
  • How to Open a Captivate File
  • The Captivate 6 Interface
  • Working with Panels
  • Setting Your Workspace
  • Using the Filmstrip, Timeline and Properties Panels
  • Lab: Building an Animation Workspace
  • Quiz
Module 3: Creating Your First Lesson
  • Using a Storyboard
  • Adding Text
  • Inserting an Image
  • The Captivate Timeline
  • Adding a Flash animation
  • Previewing your Work
  • Lab: Create a second slide
  • Quiz
Module 4: Templates
  • Template Overview
  • What is in a Captivate Template
  • Template Elements: Captions
  • Template Elements: Skin
  • Template Elements: Background Artwork
  • Template Elements: Titles
Module 5: Adding Objects
  • Captions
  • Images
  • Flash Animations
  • Text Animations
  • Zoom Animations
  • Zoom Animations
Module 6: Interactivity
  • Buttons
  • Rollover Caption and Image
  • Rollover Slidelet
Module 7: Application Training – Recording Demonstrations
  • The Recording Process
  • How to Record with Captivate
  • Modifying Demonstration Elements
  • Full Motion Recording (FMR)
Module 8: Application Training – Recording Simulations
  • How to Record
  • Click Boxes
  • Guided Simulations
  • Training Simulations
Module 9: Scenarios and Branching
  • Example Scenarios
  • Using the Branching Tab
  • Slide Groups
  • Click Boxes
  • Modifying Branching
  • Linking to External Sites
Module 10: Audio in Captivate
  • Sound Editing
  • Exporting Audio from Captivate
  • Importing Audio
  • Sound on an Object vs. The Timeline
Module 11: Building Quizzes
  • Questions and Question Pools
  • Question Types
  • Using a Quiz Template
  • Building a Question Pool
  • Tracking Buttons and Click Boxes
  • Quiz Manager
  • Tracking Overview
Module 12: Publishing
  • Web Publishing
  • Executable Files
  • Print Output
  • Best Practices
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