If you aspire to career growth you need to be competent and if you don’t want to be stuck in the same old job that doesn’t offer growth then it’s better to update your skills and find a job matched with your skills. Traininglobe offers career growth courses that helps in boosting your skills along with professional training and development. Our courses specializes in certain career developing skills that are widely demanded in almost every job domain. The course offers training in resume writing, sales skills, project management, negotiation skills and lateral thinking & problem. These areas enhance your professional skills and help you in becoming a valuable asset to your organization, team and customers. Regular counselling sessions are organized under the guidance of experienced Industry experts.

Our Module for Career growth course includes:

  • Resume writing- Resume is the first thing a recruiter notices when you apply for a job so resume holds a great significance in your job process. This module tells you about the basics of resume writing and how to write an impactful resume.
  • Sales Skills- Sales profession is experiencing some absolute changes with technology transforming the profession. This skill proves to be favourable in distinct job domains and mastering this skill will drive multiple advantages in your career.
  • Project Management- It is a skill of planning, managing and organizing efforts for a successful project accomplishment.
  • Negotiation skills- Many job descriptions have listed negotiation skill as a preferable asset for candidates. It is a collection of interpersonal and communication skills which brings desired results.
  • Lateral thinking & Problem- Solving problems with a creative approach is a skill that is high on demand. Infusing innovation in your problem skill helps you in saving time and bringing out productive results.

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