Goods and services tax(GST) is a kind of indirect tax that is imposed in India at every step that includes supply of goods and services. It is implied on each step in the production process and then refunded to persons involved in production other than the final consumer. The main purpose of GST is to eliminate the efforts involved in cascading, i.e. tax on tax of both central and state taxes. This process involves settling the taxes involved at each step in the value chain, right from the original producer and service provider’s level up to the consumer’s level.

Traininglobe offers an integrated GST- return filing course that includes concepts like registration, payment, returns, refunds, classification, valuation and many more. It gives a quite comprehensive and valuable insight on GST and its basic principles. The candidate will be able to establish a proper and vivid understanding about the subject as well will get a sound insight about the preparations and challenges that are yet to come.

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