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Employees are your most valuable assets.

At Traininglobe, we are happy to mention that we offer coaching that yields measurable results, for each of your staff and moreover for your business to prosper...

We focus on the generation and delivery of the very best of work by creating in-house coaching workshops that are designed with associate approach to specialize in your specific problems. We tend to even assure that your staff is well learned and experienced so they will perform much better, attain their goals, and even facilitate your business to spice up its performance so you can deliver the best services to your purchasers.

Hiring new staff nowadays can be a bit more tiresome than we are ready for when we set up a business. Comparing resumes all day, finding the right person for the right position can become quite hectic. Also, you have to register with various job sites to get yourself the right person for the job at hand. To free you from this hassle, Traininglobe has come with the new reformative idea of an AI HR, SHERLOCK. Sherlock is the World's First Artificial Intelligence HR, invented by our experts at Traininglobe.

With Sherlock, you can easily find your ideal staff with the best resume. Simply enter for what position you are hiring and the qualification, experience you require for the same and let our AI search engine compare the right profiles for you. To refine your search results, simply filter by job profile, qualifications, work-experience, salary requirements etc. Sherlock makes it quite easy to hire your new staff online. You can search from a large variety of job profiles that suits your business or company at the moment from anywhere near or far away from your location.

SHERLOCK searches and allows users to compare resumes in just a few clicks from more than 100 job sitessuch as, etc.; so that you would not need to update your service profile on these sites individually time and again. SHERLOCK works by processing and robot images to give you the finest services and get your business a boost without worrying about new hiring’s all the time. It will provide resumes instantly for according to your requirement and you wouldn’t have to compare for the best person.

With AI taking over the technology world at present, SHERLOCK is the new and smarter way of hiring and managing your business. Recruitment is the key to success in a business.

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