Income tax, as you might have heard of, is the tax imposed on individuals that changes accordingly with different incomes or profits. It consists of relatedness between taxpayers and taxable income. Traininglobe offers income tax courses for individuals who are interested in building their career in accounting, law or consulting or simple for the ones having a personal interest in this particular field. A large portion of such courses also inculcates taxation, corporate tax and estate planning.

Traininglobe ‘s program for income tax course is open to anyone interested in learning how to prepare income taxes. Some of the common points covered in our course will be:

  • Legislative history
  • Provisions
  • Ethics
  • Sources and procedures
  • Taxable income and tax research
  • Exemptions and allowances
  • Accounting methods

There will be an introductory income tax course that will cover the background details for the income tax. This will include individual tax law, corporate tax law, deductions, reporting periods and many more. Followed by will be an individual tax course that will incorporate various types of income like gross income, personal and charitable deductions and other classes of income. Apart from all this, students will also be given the privilege to learn about incorporation, corporate operations, financing and capital structuring. There will also be an another category of tax practice and procedure course wherein students will be learning about administrative details required to accomplish tax framework for individuals and businesses.

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