1-2 Days for Leadership Program

Key Take Away
Successful leaders know their value lies not only in managing teams and running organizations, but in inspiring others, setting purposeful goals, executing strategic visions, and creating cultures of excellence. Leadership is the one central and most important element of successful management teams. The difference that good leadership can make to an organization - often reflects starkly not only in company performance but also in team morale.

Leadership Training Program focuses on......

Best Practices of Leadership--The Leadership Challenge

Reason to join leadership program:

You are not alone
You go through the program as a small but high quality class. You make friends for life with people with the same passion.

We evaluate your not your idea
We have a high bar to entry because we want only the best.

The real network is our fellows

Effective Listening Strategies

Basic Professionalism

We are truly global
Our leadership programs are based on global trends and developments.

We celebrate diversity
We are focused on gender, educational background, Interest, Geogrpahy.

The soft stuff matters
We spend time getting people to come in to inspire you, give you lessons for life and teach you how to recognise your leadership skills, negotiate, motivate and sell. Execution matters.

The education is cutting edge...and fun
We use simulation, gaming and excel models to teach you things that will get burnt in your brain.

Session Four: Assignment

Learning Process:
Class size will be restricted to 50-100 corporate participants. The workshop class will be highly interactive and will consist of a combination of video material, case studies, class discussions and assignments.


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