Corporate Training | Problem Solving Training

We know life is problematic in nature. Our problem solving training is a definite way to propel your business. We specially emphasises on how to analyze, structure and solve business issues. We will train you how to view and deal with problems by developing effective problem solving skills. Our problem solving training program focuses on the following techniques, including brainstorming, pareto analysis, SWOT analysis and problem re-statement technique.

Our logical problem solving process is based on various steps what we called P-A-I-D.

  • Problem statement
  • Analyse the problem in detail
  • Identify likely causes
  • Define actual causes
What you will learn.......
  • What is problem solving?
  • Where did the problem start?
  • How to accept the problem?
  • How to gather information?
  • What is creative problem solving?(Determining what type of information it is: facts, opinions, opinionated fact, concepts, assumptions, procedure, process and principles)
  • Barrier to effective problem solving
  • Tools of problem solving
  • Problem solving process
  • The relationship between problem solving and decision making
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