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Recruitment is a systematic process which starts with understanding the requirement of the organization and ends with hiring and induction of the employee. Moreover, recruitment process also includes follow-up of the recruited candidate. At Traininglobe, we have developed a methodology out of the years of experience in HR domain.

We have AI based tool, Sherlock, which helps in the entire recruitment process. It starts with requirement analysis in regard to the business activities. It is not only about current human resource requirements rather future requirements that can come up later.

Sourcing process includes preparing a list of prospective employees and developing a database with potential candidates to call for the face to face interview.

Evaluation of the profiles is done in order to set a match between candidate skills and requirements of the particular position of the organization. Testing and Evaluation of candidates is done to establish a match of candidate profiles with the requirement and work culture of the client organization. In addition to personal interviews, we also use psychometric assessment tools.

Reference Check is another important aspect that we take care of at Traininglobe to make sure that hired candidate background is ok and match with all the required fileds.

Negotiation is all about to decide the compensations and remuneration of the candidates. We assist companies in finalizing the compensation of the candidates which finally suits both the parties.

We never leave our job half-done, therefore, we conduct post selection follow-ups where we contact the parties, candidate, and companies to check all information provided by the candidate is valid/relevant or if any issues are there, we will help to resolve it.

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