Your resume speaks for yourself before you do. Before applying for any job the first thing a recruiter observes about you is your resume. There is no way you should compromise while preparing your resume. A powerful resume is the one that stands out and that sells your skills to get you a job. DO away with the traditional method of resume writing that gets eliminated in the initial screening process. Most of the participants that get discarded during the screening process are because of :

  • writing too little or too much information
  • Irrelevant information for the applied job
  • text is not aligned in an eye pleasing format
  • your core strengths are not placed properly in the resume
  • hiring managers don't get completely satisfied with the resume

These are some common flaws that job applicants usually do while writing their resumes. Traininglobe offers a course on resume writing that would help you in framing your resume that catches the eye of every recruiter and increases the probability of getting a job. Our module includes updated tools that are used in writing interactive and infographic resumes. This course will get you through the process of resume writing and includes:

  • exercise that helps in placing your skills and experience in a suitable position
  • creating an eye pleasing format and all the info is easily accessible
  • selection of font size and styles for writing and the use of blank spaces and boldings
  • preparing different resumes for different job profiles
  • list of 100 keywords to be use in your resume
  • increases the professional look of your resume

So if you want your resume to stand out and want to convert your interview process into a successful job selection, then this course guide is for you.

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