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PPC Training Course in Delhi NCR

The potential of PPC is vast. It can provide thousands of relevant visitors to any website within short span of time. It is the most effective form of internet advertising. Popular search engines provide the platform for online advertising on Google using adwords, on yahoo using yahoo search marketing and many more search platforms. In today's age of internet, we believe that it is very important to apply different strategies in advertisement and marketing, so that a site can be unique. Therefore, while thinking of new ways to advertise and promote your site through Google or Yahoo, the Pay Per Click Training is the ideal option for you.

Learn strategies and tactics from our experienced Pay Per Click Trainers. Our Pay Per Click training module includes major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, and will take you from creation to implementation to management of successful advertising campaigns.

Course Contents

An Introduction to pay per click marketing

  • What is Pay Per Click Marketing?
  • What Does a Pay Per Click Ad Look Like?
  • The Origins of Pay Per Click Marketing
  • The Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising
  • List of Major Pay Per Click Search Engines
  • Other Pay-Per-Click Providers
  • Further Reading

Pay Per Click Campaign Preparation

  • Success Using Pay Per Click Search Engines
  • Before You Start
  • Requirements Gathering
  • You’re Now Prepared
  • Pay For Performance Search Engine Models
  • Microsoft adCenter
  • Google AdWords

An Introduction to Google AdWords

  • Features of Google AdWords
  • Google AdWords Terminology
  • Clicks vs. Impressions
  • AdWords Account Creation
  • AdWords Distribution Channels
  • The Google Network
  • The Google Search Network
  • The Google Content Network
  • AdWords Location and Language Targeting
  • AdWords Region and City Targeting
  • AdWords Customized Targeting
  • The Benefits of AdWords
  • AdWords Editorial Policy
  • Further Reading

How to Set Up an AdWords Account

  • Account Set Up Preparation
  • AdWords Account Structure
  • AdWords Account Creation
  • Use of Multiple Campaigns
  • AdWords Account Navigation
  • Further Reading
  • Assignment 2

An Introduction to Microsoft adCenter (PPC for Bing and Yahoo)

  • MS adCenter Account format
  • A Typical adCenter Ad
  • MS adCenter Account Creation
  • The Microsoft Distribution Network
  • Further Reading

Keyword Research for PPC Campaigns

  • What is Keyword Research?
  • Why is Keyword Research So Important?
  • Is Keyword Research Different for Pay Per Click Campaigns?
  • Before You Start
  • Create a Seed List
  • Qualify Your Search Terms
  • Think Logically
  • Research and Refine
  • Be Generic, But Not Too Generic
  • Research Your Competition
  • Categorize Your Keywords

Landing Page Creation for PPC Campaigns

  • Features of an Effective Landing Page
    • Reinforced Ad Message
    • Punchy Headings
    • Short Paragraphs
    • Enticing Copy
    • Few Distractions
    • Compelling Images
    • Calls to Action
    • Important Content “Above the Fold”
    • Testimonials
    • Established Visitor Trust
    • Foolproof Conversion Process
    • Tested, Tweaked and Tested Again
  • Landing Page Case Study
  • To Sum Up
  • Further Reading

PPC Campaign Conversion & ROI Measurement
  • What is a Conversion?
  • What is ROI?
  • Set Goals for Your Site
  • Create Navigation Pathways
  • Tracking Your Visitor Activity
  • Tracking URLs
  • Tracking Your Sales / Conversions
  • How to Calculate Your ROI
  • Key Site Metrics to Look At Regularly
  • Further Reading
  • Final Exam

  • Get Pay Per Click job in top internet marketing companies as team leader
  • Work as PPC Consultant
  • Start your own SEM Company
  • Work as a part time or full time and earn in dollars.
  • Work as a freelancer providing Pay Per Click service
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