Email Marketing Training Course

Email Marketing Course

Email Marketing Training Course in Noida

The act of sending a promotional message, typically to a group of people, via emails is email marketing. In the simplest sense, an email sent to a current or potential customer comes under email marketing.

Emails have been using in the marketing industry since time immemorial, however, the advancements in digital marketing haven’t affected even slightest to this conventional model of marketing. Recent studies indicate that emails still rank the most effective marketing channels, outperforming SEO, affiliate marketing, and social media.

Email marketing is considered as a valuable service that brands use to grow their businesses and drive traffic to their websites. This activity is crucial to spread awareness about the service and products and attract potential customers. This form of marketing contributes to multiple business objectives—branding, lead generation, direct sales generation, and improved customer retention. Online Marketing Training helps the practitioners to get a holistic picture of email marketing and its benefits to businesses.

Benefits of Email Marketing

A leading Internet Marketing Training Institute in Delhi, Traininglobe offers comprehensive teaching about online marketing that explains all the tactics which enhance your skills to target the proper segment. Traininglobe’s Email marketing training walks you through the distinct marketing objectives with email and strategizing on a campaign that is suitable for your business.

  • Increases traffic and page rank for your website.
  • Time saving and very cost effective.
  • Increases awareness about your product and services.
  • Increase your sales conversion.
  • Yields valuable feedback from the client.

Email Marketing Training Course Programme Highlights

  • Why is email marketing important?
  • Benefits of email marketing
  • How to get started
  • How does email marketing leverages other forms of digital marketing?
  • Developing an effective email marketing strategy
  • Setting realistic goals and objectives
  • Reviewing options for email communications, preferences and profiles
  • Getting the most from your list through segmentation and targeting
  • Distribution time (schedule and time of day)
  • Triggered email communications
  • Best practices and filter checks for email communications
  • Briefing on the latest privacy laws, guidelines and codes
  • Discovering your audience and their online platforms
  • Leveraging Social Media to build your email database
  • Using email to expand your reach
  • Developing targeted content for each audience
  • Training Institute Certificate
  • Students - Career Growth Opportunities
  • Professionals - Open Gates for Multiple Industries
  • Business Owner - Business Growth Opportunities

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