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PHP Training Course

Best PHP Training Institute in Noida

A server-side scripting language, PHP is a widely-used and is especially suited for web development. Typically, this language is considered to be the most basic programming language for practitioners who are seeking to be a part of the development process and operations. This language has rules of coding, abbreviations, and logarithms.

PHP forms an integral part of the website development process. Learning this skill can efficiently help an individual to create an appealing and target-oriented website that can enhance the conversion rates for business.

Traininglobe is the best PHP training institute in Noida that offers comprehensive knowledge of PHP learning. Learners can effectively harness this knowledge to build dynamic and database-driven web pages. This helps them to build a successful career in web technology and the IT industry.

Traininglobe’s specialized course provides one of the best PHP training in Noida that guides you through the basics and allows you to work on live projects under the guidance of skilled and experienced teachers and mentors. If you are based in Noida and looking for the best PHP training institute in Noida, then Traininglobe is your one-stop that can help you in shaping your career.

PHP Training Course Programme Highlights

  • Introduction Overview
  • Installation
  • Architecture
  • Control Panel
  • Toolbar
  • Introduction Menu(Menus Menu, Components Menu, Extensions, Content, Submenus)
  • Help Menu
  • Create Modules
  • Breadcrumb Module
  • Feed Display Module
  • Footer Module
  • Latest News Module
  • Search Module
  • Random Image Module
  • Donation Module
  • Global Setting
  • System Settings
  • Media Settings
  • Language Manager
  • Private Messages
  • Mass Emailing
  • Cache Management
  • Users Setting
  • Debug
  • Templates Manager, Customize Template, Adding Template, Creating Template
  • TraininGlobe Institute Training Certificate.
  • Students - Career Growth Opportunities
  • Professionals - Open Gates for Multiple Industries
  • Business Owner - Business Growth Opportunities

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